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Moo Brew x Archie Rose Bourbon Barrel-Aged Stout



An imperial stout aged in Archie Rose Distilling Co. whisky barrels.

It’s big.

The stout’s rich dense palate is a complex matrix: high residual sugar from specialty roasted malts; Centennial hop bitterness; and an active alcohol vector amplified by Archie Rose’s Single Malt Whisky and ex-bourbon American oak barrels.

Thirty whisky barrels were sent straight from the distillery in Sydney to the brewery in Hobart. This quick turnaround, from draining to refill, ensures a sturdy dose of spirit is bestowed upon the brew.

After aging for two months in barrel, this imperial stout has a warm black hue and fine espresso-like foam. The American oak imparts subtle notes of vanilla, complementing moreish dark chocolate, caramel and rum & raisin flavour profile while maintaining a high-proof zeal.

Cellar and be rewarded with an added layer of density as the hop bitterness tapers off, and the residual sugars and single malt whisky and ex-bourbon oak balance is brought forward.        

ALC/VOL: 10.8%

Volume: 330ml

Standard Drinks: 3