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Cloth Label Sparkling 2006

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Bright, clear and gold. The bountiful nose introduces the wine; a decade on lees has given expression to the autolysis and slow maturing nature of our sparkling wines. Composed of 53 %Pinot noir and 47% Chardonnay, it offers a seamless combination of rose petals, strawberry, stone fruit, malt, honeysuckle, and spiced wood. It’s long and luxurious. The high acid and low dosage matches the creaminess and weight, accentuates the tangy finish, makes it brilliant as a partner to food and is best served to lovers of deliciously dry fizz. Drink now.

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When we began exploring leaving our sparklings for extended time on lees, we were faced with two very different starting wines. The 2004 was much bigger and broader to start with, while the 2006 had more balance. In 2009, we started the experiment of extending the time our sparklings spent on lees, beginning with the 2004 and 2006 vintages, hoping we would give ourselves a wine to sell immediately after disgorging. In comparison, the 2006 would have more complexity and, given its better acid profile and tighter form, would be a better wine to hold onto after disgorging. With the release of the 2006, I think we got what we hoped for. Ten years on lees and over a year under cork has given this wine great form. The flavours and aromas in the wine are both bold and delicate. There are some punchy, toasty autolysis characters with some beautiful fresh fruit. The palate weight, like with all my wines, is not balanced against sugar, but rather against acidity. Keeping freshness in the wine, I think, has given this wine time to continue improving over the coming few years.

"This 2006 release was made by Conor van der Reest and he’s produced quite a stunning wine. There’s little question that this is a ‘wow’ wine. It has the heady power and flavour of its 2004 Late Disgorged predecessor but is fresher, longer and racier at the same time. That’s quite a combination. It booms, it seduces, and then it trills finely out through the finish. You have a good time and then you remember/savour it too. It tastes of brioche and red apples, strong bready/yeasty characters, honeysuckle and toasted nuts. It’s a powerful sparkling wine throughout but it’s also lively through the finish. Set-you-back-on-your-heels kind of stuff." - Campbell Mattinson, May 3 2017