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Walshie’s Drinking Club



Ever wondered what an enigmatic millionaire drinks whilst ensconced in his Bond-villain-esque lair? Wonder no more. Now you can drink as David does.

Join the club and you’ll get six wines per quarter hand selected by David and winemaker Conor delivered to your door. Every package will contain a mature or cellar release wine. Lucky you.

The perks

But that’s not it. No, we’re just getting started. When you join Walshie’s Drinking Club you join somewhat of a cult of devout wine lovers, initiation rituals and all.

First, to celebrate your indoctrination, you’ll receive a limited-edition, hand crafted Moorilla wine glass. Probably the world’s most precarious way to drink wine. Is it art? Is it a deftly-crafted thought experiment? Whatever it is, it’s unlike any piece of glassware you’ve ever seen before. Intrigued? Watch the video.

You’ll also be invited to our annual members only pick-up party. Pick-up your goodies for the next quarter whilst you drink wine with Conor, talk art with David, get tattooed, participate in ritualistic rites of passage etc. etc. It’ll be wild.

Drink wine. Do good.

Who would have thought that drinking wine could make you a patron of the arts? Walshie’s Drinking Club sponsors a talented Tasmanian artist every quarter with our artist-in-residence program.

Our artists-in-residence spend three months each producing a unique body of work, all using a common medium – Moorilla wine. Wine, it turns out, was commonly used as ink way back when. Van Gogh drew with it, Da Vinci jotted notes with it, and Bach composed with it. We’re bringing this tradition into the 21st century with a new generation of wine, and a new generation of artists.

The resulting artworks form the design and packaging for the next quarter’s package.

Current artist-in-residence: Artist name here