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ZERO Wine Pack



In the late 1950s some students in Düsseldorf started to make art that ran against the style and feeling of the moment. This was Germany, in the aftermath of World War II. The mood wasn’t light. But for these young people, it was time to break free from the anxious individualism that seemed to oppress the artists of the time.

ZERO was named for its promise of new beginnings. These artists weren’t interested in trawling through the ashes of the far or recent past. They wanted to stage an exhibition on the moon.

For the first time in Australia, some of the key international figures of the ZERO movement are on show at Mona. To mark the occasion, Moorilla has curated a suite of rare wines from 2008—winemaker Conor van der Reest’s first vintage at Moorilla. Year zero for Conor, if you will.

Selection includes Moorilla 2008:

— Riesling (RRP $57)
— Sauvignon (RRP $47)
— Chardonnay (RRP $57)
— Syrah (RRP $91)
— Merlot Cabernet (RRP $59)
— Plus Two Moo Brew ‘Velvet Sledgehammer’ Stout Cans (RRP $11)

Special price $300 (valued at $335). Includes free shipping