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Muse Pinot Noir 2007

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This Pinot noir carries the principles of the Muse series. It was blended to not be obviously fruit or oaky, but instead to show a balance between fruit derived and oak derived aromas and flavours. The result is a wine displaying fresh berries and spice with hints of tobacco and leather. Powerful balanced and complex, this wine will benefit from bottle maturation. The fruit was sourced from both Moorilla owned and operated vineyards; St Matthias vineyard on the West Bank of the Tamar River and the Moorilla Estate vineyard on the West Bank of the Derwent River. The fruit was left on the vine until flavour profiles showed an increase in fruit/berry characters before it was hand-picked. Both vineyards have shown to be extremely low-yielding in the past; however, yields were low due to the very dry growing conditions in the 2007 growing season.