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Cloth Label 50th Anniversary Riesling 2012

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In 2012, we celebrated 50 years of making Riesling at Moorilla. The first Riesling vines were planted here in 1958 by Claudio Alcorso – the same year his daughter Caroline was born. Four years later, they hand-picked six cases of grapes, stomped them by foot and made the first Moorilla wine. Fifty years later, Caroline teamed up with our winemaker Conor van der Reest to repeat Claudio’s simple winemaking process. The result? Our 50th anniversary Riesling, adorned by a traditional Moorilla cloth label. Philip Rich, of the Australian Financial Review, described it as a ‘beautifully crafted wine … definitely one to look out for’. Philip, we couldn’t agree more. It’s pale straw green in colour with a brilliant hue. Perfumed aromas and enduring flavours of new white blossoms, crisp green apples and fresh lime are married with a weighty and silky texture. The structure and texture of the wine reflect exuberant stamping by high-spirited wine makers and contact with lees. The wine also embodies a slaty minerality and brilliant natural acidity. This wine will develop in the cellar over several decades and provide an excellent partner for fine food.

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Technical Details

The modern recreation of the original wine made by Claudio Alcorso was done by first foot crushing and then fermenting with wild yeast. After extended time on lees the finished wine shows a lot of complexity and ranges from high to low tone fruit, floral and spice characters. Extended time on lees balances the higher concentration of phenolics. Ideal for extended bottle maturation. The fruit was sourced the Moorilla Estate vineyard (West Bank, Derwent River). The fruit was left on the vine until flavour profiles showed an increase in perfume and floral characters before it was hand-picked. Fruit quality was near ideal with the lowest amount of disease pressure in at least 6 years. We also saw excellent yields.