Walshie's Wine Cult

On the ninth day, Walshie got bored and said ‘Jeez, I could murder a glass of red. If only I had a subscription-based service delivering top-notch plonk from Moorilla and Domaine A directly to my door, timed and crafted to land at the changing of the season.’ And lo, the Wine Cult was born.

Blessed tidings, acolyte. Our Winter Cult pack arriveth on June 1 2024. If ye wishest to join our waitlist, e-scribe cellardoor@mona.net.au There willt be much wine and sacrifice.


Join us, and experience the joys of membership:

  • Quarterly wine-drops of outstanding quality and blasphemous prices (your $285 subscription guarantees a minimum of $400 worth of goodies every quarter)
  • Free tastings for you and up to three acolytes/friends
  • Behind-the-curtain access to a restricted section of Walshie’s private cellar, accessible through a hidden section of the Moorilla website
  • A sacrificial slashing of 20% off any wine purchase you make on the Moorilla or Domaine A website while your subscription remains active
  • Occasional Mona merch, recipes, treats and random bonuses with each pack
  • A handy-dandy online members portal where you can easily change or update your information and billing details, as well as pause your subscription at any time (although if you pause you also pause your discount, alas)
  • Automatic preparation and secure payment from your nominated card for each pack, with a helpful three-day reminder beforehand to enable you to pause if you wish—otherwise it’ll be dispatched straight to your door with no fuss.


Fie, ’tis chilly indeed! But that ne’er stops the cult (in fact, some of our more fundamentalist brethren enjoy toiling in below zero temperatures). We dearly hope ye warm thy bosom with yon wintry elixirs:

1 x Moorilla Cloth White 2018 - a most secret and awaited pre-release. Keep it dormant in thy cellar until an occasion most especial.
1 x Moorilla Muse Sauvignon 2020 - our Sauvignon saviour. Praise be to this pre-release.
1 x Moorilla Muse Syrah 2018 - verily, ye shall taste the essence of this new release 2018.
1 x Moorilla Muse Cabernet Sauvignon 2016 - an odalisque in liquid form.
1 x Domaine A Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 - some sayeth she be the queen of wines.
1 x Stoney Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 - the cult’s most preferred nectar.
1 x Divine Addictions Figs in Spice Madeira
1 x Wine Cult Glass

And shouldst thou forget, free shipping is included as always. And regard our newest premium Tasmanian edible pairings.

Click hither to discover more about Divine Addictions: https://tasmaniangourmetonline.com.au/collections/divine-addictions

Total value: $412
Your cult price: $285

WWC Winter 2024 Glass

WWC Winter 2024 Figs

WWC Winter 2024 Edible