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Storage If you have a cellar, you’re in luck. Unfortunately, this is rare in Australia. If you plan on cellaring for the long run, wine must be cellared carefully and correctly. Alternately, you can use a wine fridge instead. Or a specialist facility such as Wine Ark.

HORIZONTAL Store a wine with a cork on its side. It keeps the cork moist, swollen and reduces oxidation. Wines under screw cap can be stored at any angle.

TEMPERATURE Avoid fluctuations and extremes. Somewhere between ten to fifteen degrees is ideal. Be careful not to let the temperature drop below four or above twenty degrees. In Europe, the traditional shed gets too cold in winter. In Australia, the classic corrugated iron shed won’t cut the mustard in summer. It’ll get way too hot and cook your wine.

HUMIDITY It’s a fine balance keeping corks from drying out, preventing mould and maintaining the excellent condition of labels. Access to the natural earth is important but avoid cellars that flood and remain damp.

LIGHT Dark and roomy is ideal.

AROMAS Avoid storing your wine in the vicinity of strong smells from stuff like onions, paint cans and solvents.