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Our facilities are state of the art. Wine dorks say so.

We built a winery but it wasn’t suited to small-batch winemaking. So we built a new one that was, designed by Fender Katsalidis (the architects who designed Mona) with dorky winemaking specifications from Conor, our winemaker. It’s the light on the hill, perched above the Moorilla vineyard.

These days, we’ve got small tanks galore. Size matters: small tanks mean smaller pickings of fruit, allowing us to show off the versatility of Moorilla’s terroir.

The winery is energy-savvy and self-sufficient. It’s high-tech because it’s low-tech; it’s lit with passive lighting, it’s gravity-assisted (less ugly equipment, more laws of physics) and its underground cellars cool themselves naturally. Its unconventional design eliminates the need for huge amounts of equipment and labour, but maximises our capacity to craft high-quality, small-batch wines by hand.