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Moorilla Vineyard

Our southern vineyard shares the same site as Mona, located in Berriedale, just north of Hobart. Look at the art. Frolic among the vines.

The vineyard sits just one metre above sea level. The steady breezes along the River Derwent, which hugs the site, help reduce the risk of frosts and fungal diseases. The vines are kept cool, facilitating a long ripening process for the vines and greater flavour complexity in the fruit.

Wines from this vineyard tend to be less fruit-driven and more complex than those from St Matthias. Our Moorilla-grown wines show a greater range of flavours, aromas and spices, mixed with fruit and floral characters with a finer tannin structure and firmer acidity compared to St Matthias wines.

The site is characterised by its soil complexity. A risen siltstone bedrock supports a soil profile that ranges from silty clay (up to four metres deep) to shallow stretches of sand (just three centimetres deep). This creates huge differences in vine size and vigour, and the fruit ripens differently throughout the vineyard. Moorilla’s soil diversity also impacts the size of each yield and demands tailored harvesting times—sometimes as much as three weeks apart.