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Moorilla Decanted

It’s a long journey from vineyard to cellar to glass. Mature wine is a rare pleasure, with most wines designed to drink young these days. Cellaring demands foresight and patience—it’s a real gamble but the rewards can be stunning. Oh my.

Includes a private tour of the Moorilla winery with one of our resident wine dorks and an extensive, intimate wine tasting in our totally glamorous subterranean tasting room featuring new and mature wines from Moorilla’s Muse and Cloth Label series. You’ll be treated to vintages no longer widely available, find out how to match each wine with the perfect glass and learn the finer points of decanting our sparkling, white and red wines.

Wednesday–Monday, 11.30am
4–8 people
$450 per person
Price valid until 31 March 2020

+61 (3) 6277 9978

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