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‘To cellar or not to cellar: that is the question.’

Shakespeare (sort of)

Newsflash: wine is subjective. You might prefer Pinot to Cabernet. Maybe you like your wines young. Bold, fruity wines that are soft and low in acid are best drunk young and without much, or any, time in the cellar. That’s our Praxis Series in a nutshell.

Wine can elevate an everyday experience to something special. A wine with balanced and sufficient levels of acid, tannin and alcohol is best enjoyed young in the company of food—or, if you can bear to postpone diving into a bottle, cellared for a special occasion. This is the case with our Muse and Cloth Label Series. Pop these babies in the cellar and you’ll be in for a treat.

Here at Moorilla, we’re committed to producing wines worthy of ageing. Age gives younger vintages context. Our cellaring program holds wines back from release, giving them time to mature in an environment controlling for temperature, light and humidity. We then release them to Mona, restaurants with brilliant lists, and to our Moorilla members.

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