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Praxis Chardonnay Musqué 2016

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It’s the only Chardonnay Musqué made in Australia! A clone of Chardonnay (Entav 809), originally from burgundy, now popular in Canada, produces pristine and perfumed Chardonnay that’s easy to drink, light and unoaked. The bouquet offers fresh apples, brown pears, lemon oil and rosewater. On the palate this wine is delicious and very easy to drink. The flavours zing like the first bite of an apple, crisp and bright. One taste shared easily becomes a bottle.

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This clone of Chardonnay (Entav 809), originally from Burgundy is a natural mutation which shows defined and pronounced muscat aroma. When the Ontario wine industry first started the clone was sent to them as no distinction was made when they asked for Chardonnay. Now, the clone is very rare in France but quite popular in Ontario. When I developed the Muse and Praxis series I thought that the planting of Chardonnay Musqué in Tasmania for the Praxis wines would be an excellent way to show off this unique offshoot of a very well known variety. All stainless steel and cool fermented you'll see a vibrancy in muscaty aromatics with a flavour profile of a typical Chardonnay.